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Columbus Police investigation; viral video shows CPD telling a father his 11 year old daughter could face charges

Columbus Police investigation; viral video shows CPD telling a father his 11 year old daughter could face charges

Sav McKee

“My daughter was a victim of an online predator,” this viral Tik Tok video said. “He manipulated her into sending pictures of herself! This was the police response at midnight. We called at 6.”

The doorbell footage shows two Columbus Police officers walking up to a Columbus home six hours after the initial phone call, around midnight. The father answered the door and said, “Hi, yeah, she’s in bed now…I just wanted you all to talk to her and let her realize what this was…I mean, reality is there’s not much I probably can do about it,” he told the police.

It seems as if the father is looking for guidance from the police; his young, 11 year old daughter was a victim of online sexual manipulation. 


The police officer responded, “I mean, she can probably get charged with child porn.” The father responded, “Who, she can? She’s 11 years old.” 

The officer said, “She’s creating it. Right?” The father emphasized, again, “She’s 11 years old.” The officer then said, “Doesn’t matter. She’s still making porn.”

The father and creator of the video explained, “No she’s not. She’s being manipulated by a grown a** adult on the internet.”

“Is she taking pictures though?” the officer asked. 

At this point, the father shut his door and said, “You guys have a nice evening. Thank you for coming. Are you serious? Have a nice evening.”

The Columbus Department of the Inspector General is investigating this incident. They released a statement on social media that says, “The Columbus Division of Police acknowledges a video being shared on social media involving two officers responding to a call for service. The Department of the Inspector General, which investigates complaints of misconduct and/or excessive use of force by sworn personnel, has opened an inquiry into this incident,” according to the statement. “The Division of Police regards all allegations of sexual misconduct with the utmost seriousness. Incidents involving minors are handled with the highest degree of concern. Sexual Assault Unit detectives were immediately notified of the incident and have since initiated an investigation.”

The Tik Tok community took to the “comments” section of Tik Tok to support the father, noting his calm demeanor and composure in this situation.

If you or someone you know are victims of sexual abuse or assault, Ohio Health’s hotline number is (614) 267-7020.

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