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Here are the ‘10 Most Dangerous Areas in Columbus’ according to data

Here are the ‘10 Most Dangerous Areas in Columbus’ according to data

Sav McKee

With a population of 905, 865 people, Columbus is officially the 14th largest city in the United States. Somehow, it still feels quaint, which is part of the allure and charm, and maybe part of the reason why Columbus is now the second fastest growing city in the United States.

As with any “big city,” there’s been a spotlight on crime happening here, specifically in the past couple of months, weeks, and even days. 

AreaVibes, a website that tracks “livability” and crime in neighborhoods, released their 2023 statistics for the “10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Columbus.” The rankings are calculated based on the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people for each Columbus neighborhood. These violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, and assault, and they use data from the local law enforcement agency and estimates based on other data.


Are you surprised by any of these so-called “dangerous areas” on the list?

#10 University District
Population: 35, 689
Violent Crimes: 778 crimes / 100k

#9 Southwest Columbus
Population: 19, 909
Violent Crimes: 780 / 100k people

#8 North Central 
Population: 9,534
Violent Crimes: 803 / 100k people

#7 Milo Grogan
Population: 1,513
Violent Crimes: 814 / 100k people

#6 Near Southside (Driving Park, South of Main area)
Population: 16,697
Violent Crimes: 814 / 100k people

#5 Weinland Park
Population: 5,611
Violent Crimes: 826 / 100k people

#4 South Linden 
Population: 8,700
Violent Crimes: 867 / 100k people

#3 Olentangy West
Population: 3,967
Violent Crimes: 880 / 100k people

#2 For Columbus Airport / East Columbus area
Population: 3,184
Violent Crimes: 883 / 100k people

#1 Franklinton
Population: 7,306
Violent Crimes: 889 / 100k people

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