New study: Columbus has one of the world’s highest break-in rates

Jack McLaughlin

A recent data study from carVertical marked Ohio as a hotbed for auto thefts, and now another study claims Columbus has one of the highest break-in rates, not just in the country, but the entire world.

The study, performed in late April by Compare the Market AU, compared the rates of break-ins among 50 cities around the world. This rate is calculated by the number of total break-ins a given city has for every 100,000 residents.

Columbus was ranked 5th in the world, and the highest in the United States, with a break-in rate of 815.29 per 100,000 residents. You can find the full date set here.


Columbus was joined by three other cities in the United States with break-in rates that were among the top 10 globally. Those cities include Phoenix (6), San Antonio (7) and Dallas (9).

Manchester, England held the world’s highest break-in rate at 1,150, while Oslo, Norway’s capital city, boasted the world’s lowest break-in rate at 33.

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