Dublin waxing salon offers customized service, top-quality care

Jack McLaughlin

When Ausha Harvey first launched her business as a solo Esthetician out of an Upper Arlington styling collective, she was able to offer clients personalized, one-on-one waxing and beauty services.

Even though she’s since expanded her own business, Brazilianology, which now features a full team of top-tier Waxologists , this ethos of fully customizable care and personal attention has carried over into the treatments Brazilianology offers.

“When you’re working solo you have to wear many hats. That also gives you the opportunity to study everything, to tweak things over and over again to make sure customers have the best experience possible,” Harvey said. “That’s what we’re doing today at Brazilianology as well.”

At the Dublin beauty spot, customers can expect to have an experience that’s tailored precisely to them. And that experience starts with the Black-owned businesses’ long list of top-quality services.

WIth a number of money-saving packages that can be found here, Brazilianology focuses on face and body hair removal, including the bikini line, backside, chest, underarms, forearm, stomach and much more. 

Upgrades to the Dublin company’s offerings include the Vajacial (a specialized skincare treatment for female clients) lavender skin masks, temporary Vajazzle Gems made from Swarvovski crystals, skincare using a high-frequency Magic Wand treatment and more.

And while Brazilianology offers some female-specific services, the Dublin business is LBGTQIA-friendly, and offers treatments designed specifically for men.

Brazilianology even offers a personalized quiz matching clients with one of the company’s waxing specialists. 

“We do everything we can to make sure clients are getting what’s best for them,” Harvey said. “And we don’t believe in getting people in and out without giving them exactly what they want.”

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