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Meet The Ellis: New Name for BTTS’ Italian Village Venue

Meet The Ellis: New Name for BTTS’ Italian Village Venue

Jack McLaughlin

An Italian Village event venue is updating its name.

The venue formerly known as Edison777 Italian Village is now operating with its new name: The Ellis.

John A. Brooks, managing partner of BTTS Holdings, the parent company of The Ellis, explains that the new name was designed to pay homage to his personal Italian roots as well as the culture of the Italian Village neighborhood.

“I am a third generation Italian American,” said Brooks. “My great-grandparents, along with millions of other Italian immigrants, came to this country through Ellis Island in the early 1900s. As our Italian Village venue continued to grow, we realized a need to update the name to capture the Italian roots that are at the heart of the space and surrounding neighborhood.”

The Ellis opened in June 2021.

The new name was officially unveiled at an invitation-only, multi-course Italian dinner at the venue hosted on July 29. During this event, guests dined on specialty food and drink while enjoying the venue’s contemporary design features. 

The Ellis is served by BTTS Holding’s in-house catering company Gourmet Fresh and in-house floral company Fiori Florals. 

“While the name may be changing, our commitment to hospitality and best-in-class events remains the same,” said Brooks. “We look forward to hosting guests for unforgettable events in The Ellis.”

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