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Transform heirloom jewelry into chic custom pieces with Worthington Jewelers

Transform heirloom jewelry into chic custom pieces with Worthington Jewelers

Jack McLaughlin

We all have a few of them taking up space in the jewelry box: old, heirloom pieces of jewelry that–whether they’re from a friend or family member–carry an enormous amount of sentimental value, but they’re not necessarily pieces we want to wear anytime soon.

That massive broach from Grandma, we’re looking at you.

Worry not, fashionistas of Columbus, because Worthington Jewelers has you covered. With the long-standing jewelry expert’s New to Old program, you can transform older pieces into custom works of art, or even refurbish a piece you’ve purchased to its original shine.

“Maybe you have something sitting around in your jewelry box you’ve inherited from the 90s or even the 80s. We can take the value of the silver or gold in the item, and remove the actual gemstones to use in a totally new piece,” said Worthington Jewelers marketing manager Cheryl Claypoole.

If you’re interested in updating one of your old pieces, here’s the process you can expect:

  1. First, you’ll connect with one of Worthington Jeweler’s professional designers for a concept meeting. It’a best to come into this meeting with some ideas for new pieces.
  2. After learning what you’d like, a designer will create a sketch, wax facsimile or even 3-D rendering of your piece.
  3. You can input more tweaks or changes here, and once you’re satisfied with the renderings, Worthington jewelers designers and custom goldsmiths will go to work creating your new piece, which will be in your hands soon!

“You end up getting something you actually like; something that you’ll actually wear,” said Claypoole. “You can give new life to an old piece of jewelry and still keep its sentimental value.”

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