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Watch witches float down the Scioto at this annual paddle boarding event

Watch witches float down the Scioto at this annual paddle boarding event

Sav McKee

If you see a coven of witches floating down the Scioto, don’t worry – it’s just for fun.

Columbus witches are trading their broomsticks for paddles on the 5th Annual Halloween Witch Paddle event, hosted by the Paddle Broads, a group of women who are “just having fun, trying something new, and getting off the couch,” said one Paddle Broads organizer, Chris Millard.

The Paddle Broads originated before the pandemic, but in 2020, the group really started taking off. “It was the only thing we could do safely during COVID. We went every Friday morning and created a core group together.” This core group consists of Millard, as well as Suzanne Klingelhofer, Deb Grayson, Cindy Benedict, Diane Paul, and Aura Fox.


They didn’t intend to start a “coven,” but now, dozens of women strap their paddle boards to their cars, put on a witch hat and cape, and join the coven once a year on the Scioto. Millard mentioned that during their annual event, everyone is in costume, and everyone is encouraging. “People definitely stop to take pictures of us,” said Millard.

This Witches Paddle event takes place on October 29th at 10am, starting at the Main Street ramp. Anyone is welcome to join, and Millard gave us a few tips: disposable plastic tablecloths make great capes, and make sure your witch hat is secure and safe to paddle in. 

“Oh, and of course, warlocks are welcome,” Millard laughed.

Stay weird, Columbus!

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