Columbus’ top “Hole-in-the-Wall” restaurants, according to national travel guide

Sav McKee

These are some of the best spots you’ve probably never heard of.

Go-To Destinations, a national, top-travel publishing company, compiled a list of Columbus’ “Best Hole-in-the-Wall Spots.” What, is, exactly, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Columbus, though? We would describe an establishment in this category as a best kept secret. Maybe somewhere off the beaten path, in a neighborhood that’s not as “trendy” as some others, and a place that serves incredible food out of their smaller kitchens.

Here are the top 5 spots, according to Go-To Destinations:

Johnnie’s Tavern
3503 Trabue Rd Columbus, OH 43204
Menu: Johnnie’s Tavern

Johnnie's Tavern - Columbus Dive Bar - Exterior
Photo via Scoundrel’s Field Guide

This little tavern in NorthWest Columbus is a (614) Team favorite for burgers and fries. It’s unassuming at first glance, but the black leather bar seats and checkered tablecloths are all part of the charm. Some people claim it’s the home of one of the best burgers in Columbus (and the world, depending on who you’re talking to).

Fat Baxter’s
1794 Mound St, Columbus, OH 43223
Menu: Fat Baxter’s

Photo via Doordash

This hole-in-the-wall turns out some incredible tavern fare out of their Hilltop kitchen, including brunch. People love their wings and coneys.

The Walrus
143 E. Main St, Columbus, OH, 43215
Menu: The Walrus

Photo by Nick Smith via Google

“Possibly the most literal hole in the wall so far on our list, The Walrus is an unassuming storefront in old Downtown Columbus, complete with a glass garage door in lieu of a typical window,” says Go-To Destinations. Columbus loves their maple burgers and fries.


The Old Mohawk
819 Mohawk St, Columbus, OH 43206
Menu: The Old Mohawk

Photo via USA Restaurants

This eatery is considered a historical landmark in German Village, and probably the only place left in the world that still serves turtle soup (just kidding – but it does seem to be the only place left in Columbus that still does). 

Over the Counter
5596 N High St Worthington, OH 43085
Menu: Over the Counter

Photo via Over The Counter’s website

Starting its life as a pharmacy, Over the Counter still oozes that wonderful 50’s charm, albiet as a diner, now,” says Go-To Destinations. Patrons love their weekend brunch and patty melts, plus the option for many vegetarian dishes!

Which Columbus establishments would be on your list?

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