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Columbus residents can now rent thousands of tools for home repairs

Columbus residents can now rent thousands of tools for home repairs

Sav McKee
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It’s that time of the year when we’re eager to start a garden or house project, only to then realize that we’re missing that one specific, expensive tool we thought we’d never actually need. Luckily for us Columbus residents, Modcon Living, a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping homes and sustaining communities, has your back (and your house!).

Modcon Living’s tool-lending program, “Tool Library,” is dedicated to providing the community with access to the tools and resources they need to maintain a safe, healthy, and comfortable home. So far, the Tool Library has provided over 112,000 tools to over 2,000 local homeowners and renters. 

The next time you need an air compressor, or maybe a ⅜ drill, or almost any other tool you can imagine, stop by The Tool Library’s tooltopia, and consider borrowing one for up to 21 days, depending on which one you acquire. You’ll need to apply for a membership first, costing $15 to $50 annually, but after that, you can finally get around to that DIY project you’ve been putting off for months.


Maybe you’re not the tool-savvy, DIY type; Modcon Living understands that not everyone has the time for home improvement and not everyone is a renovation expert. That’s when their trusted maintenance team, the Mod Squad, saves the day. They’re experienced, bonded, certified, accredited, insured, and ready to install curtain rods, mount TV’s, paint your house, or pretty much do any other installation, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, remodeling, or assembling needs for you at a fair estimation. Some people might qualify for their no cost Safe at Home option that provides these services to those financially eligible. 

Columbus community members are blown away that something like this even exists. Reviews on Modcon Living’s website mention that borrowing tools has transformed their relationship with home ownership, making intimidating tasks and projects seem more manageable. Tool Library members emphasize that this organization has an inspirational level of community involvement, and that their genuine concern for residents is evident in every aspect of their practice and mission.

Home projects that once seemed daunting are now attainable thanks to the accessibility and the affordability of the Tool Library. The possibilities are endless, and Modcon Living reminds us that together, we can continue to help Columbus thrive.

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