Lauded sweet shop pairing up with local Scout to create Girl Scout Cookie-inspired buckeyes

Jack McLaughlin

The Buckeye Lady is already known for selling some of the city’s most unique and indulgent treats, and thanks to one local Girl Scout, her creations this winter are about to be infused with a whole lot more of everyone’s favorite seasonal cookies.

This year, the Clintonville sweet shop plans to release four different limited time “stuffed” Buckeye flavors, including:

Samoa Cookie-inspired Stuffed Buckeye

Classic buckeye stuffed with a caramel coconut cookie mixture & topped with toasted coconut & chocolate ganache

Lemon Up Cookie-inspired Stuffed Buckeye

Classic buckeye stuffed with a creamy lemon cookie blend & topped with crushed Lemon-up cookies

Thin Mint Stuffed Buckeye

Classic buckeye stuffed with a thin mint cookie mixture & topped with crushed Thin Mint cookies

S’mores stuffed buckeye featuring Do-Si-Do cookies

Classic buckeye stuffed with marshmallows, sits on top of a graham cracker square & marshmallow fluff & topped with crushed Do-Si-So cookies.


According to Buckeye Lady owner Alicia Hindman, the Girl Scout Cookie-inspired buckeyes will likely be available in mid-February.

This year, she’s partnering with a particularly entrepreneurial Columbus Girl Scout to create the seasonal treats. Hindman purchased The Buckeye Lady’s 2024 cookies from Clintonville resident and Troop 6755 member Lauralai.

“Ordering our Girl Scout cookies from Lauralai will be so fun—female entrepreneurs helping fellow female entrepreneurs, it doesn’t get much better than that,” Hindman said. “She reached out to me because she lives in the same neighborhood as our storefront so partnering together makes perfect sense.”

According to the young Girl Scout herself, she’s actually reached out to multiple Columbus businesses to ask about partnerships. She hasn’t secured any other partners yet, but is currently waiting to hear back on several inquiries.

“I saw places selling Girl Scout Cookies in their products and thought I could be their Girl Scout Cookie supplier this year, so I reached out,” Lauralai said, adding “I’m very excited to start my partnership with the Buckeye Lady, I think it’s going to be awesome.”

You can purchase cookies from Lauralai here. She’s on a mission to sell 1,600 boxes this year, so there will be plenty from her to go around.

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