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Sleep inside of a spaceship at this UFO-themed getaway, which opens in Ohio this year

Sleep inside of a spaceship at this UFO-themed getaway, which opens in Ohio this year

Jack McLaughlin

There are two ways to spend a night in an alien spaceship, and the one coming to Dayton this spring thankfully doesn’t involve being pulled into the sky by a tractor beam against in the middle of the night.

Galactic Getaways, a new UFO-themed vacation rental, will allows guests to stay inside of a gigantic green “UFO” with a 30-foot diameter. According to owner Michael Noble, the space is currently slated to open this summer in the Dayton metro area (the exact location has not yet been released).

“There is a UFO shaped home very close to where I grew up.  Ever since I was a child I’ve always been fascinated with the home and wondered what it was like inside.  My imagination getting carried away with all potential futuristic interior and how awesome it would be just to spend the night in a UFO.  But, the home is a private residence and I’ve never been able to experience the inside,” owner Michael Noble told 614Now. “So, I got this wild idea that I’d build my own UFO!  I thought surely I’m not the only one that has ever dreamt of staying in a UFO, and I’d make it available for others to experience.”


According to a rendering, Noble plans to paint the rental bright green and even install a retractable staircase leading to its entrance. The property features two beds, a bathroom, kitchen, living room, a hot tub, and fire pit.

Additionally, Galactic Getaways will lean into local lore as well, creating an interactive Hangar 18 space on the property that’s a nod to the fabled secret hangar at the Dayton-area’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where–according to urban legend–extraterrestrials from the Roswell Incident were allegedly housed.

“My goal with the Galactic Getaway is to not just be a place to stay, but an escape from the ordinary. The ultimate vacation for adventurers and dreamers alike.

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