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A walk down Chittshow lane: remembering what happened in ’21

A walk down Chittshow lane: remembering what happened in ’21

Grady Libertini

Taking a Look Down Chitt Ave.

April showers bring May flowers, but in the heart of it all, there’s just one indication that the Buckeyes are cool for the summer- Chitt Fest.

This annual block party comes to life throughout the Buckeyes’ spring game and has been a spring semester staple to every OSU student who lives for a good bender. From a shit show to a no-show to a live show, this is a look at the recent progression of OSU’s beloved Chitt Fest.

Shit Show

The 2021 spring game day started with the victory of Team Brutus over Team Buckeye, but from dusk to dawn a nightmare unfolded on Chittenden Avenue.   

At least 30 Columbus police cruisers were dispatched, dozens of 9-1-1 calls were made, windows were smashed, and cars were flipped, according to a press release, turning this annual celebration into mass destruction. In the weeks that followed this horror, the Columbus police charged nine individuals for their role in damaging property and inciting a riot.

Caiden, a fourth-year student at OSU has attended every Chitt Fest since 2021 where she was seconds from throwing hands with a rioter.

“They were all rallying around a car getting ready to flip it,” Caiden ranted. “This belligerent man was having the time of his life and looked over waving at us as if he was recruiting us to help them and I just remember thinking, what the hell is wrong with you.”  

Some people used the pandemic and lockdown to focus on new hobbies, making good use of their time while others felt “those who quarantine together, stay together,” and that pushing their livers to the limits was a good idea.

Was the unacceptable behavior and turn of events on Chitt Ave. the direct result of unleashing the goons from lockdown too soon or was it the scrolling for hours on end that pushed students to crave that immediate thrill? I’m not sure, but can only hope it’s uphill from there.

No Show

Students prepared for Chitt Fest 2022 nonetheless, but the legacy from the previous year sure put a damper on the fun.

Those endless lines at Midway and Ethyl meant one thing that night – students put off Chitt Fest to follow their weekend routine, slamming back the most uncrushable drinks you could imagine. In the bars, music was blaring, drinks were splashing and shoes were definitely sticking to the floor, but one thing we know for sure is that Chittenden Avenue was a bust.


Residents of Chittenden Avenue came forward in a student publication in 2023 hoping for a fine in-between for that year’s Chitt Fest. While comparing the disaster of 2021 to the quiet turnout of 2022, these residents made it clear that they did not want an out-of-control party, but at the same time wanted people who live off Chittenden to feel welcome.

With 2023 being her third go at Chitt Fest, Caiden claimed, “Chitt Fest has really never been the same.”

Live Show

Madness and mayhem ruined the annual celebration for the years that followed, but those laid-back dudes jamming out to alternative rock near Chittenden and Indianola may have just saved Chitt Fest.

Although Ohio State made history as the first college football team to have its spring game broadcast on national television, this band’s impromptu live show was focused on setting its own stage.

From the sides of the house to the front lawn, students were pouring into the street as they enjoyed the band. Even Caiden, who prefers real hot girl shit, admitted the band had everyone moving as if they were at a concert.

“They were playing Sublime, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, you know, that kind of stuff, and people were actually getting lit to it,” she said. “I don’t even like that music but the fact that there was a whole show going on was really fun.”

Whether you were sloshed on that front lawn, feeling particularly large looking down on everyone from the roof, sticking to the floor at Midway, or just crying over your ex, it is safe to say that things are looking up for Chitt Fest.

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