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Missed out on Chittfest this year? Here’s some first-hand stories from it

Missed out on Chittfest this year? Here’s some first-hand stories from it

Kat Gallaugher

With the Spring semester quickly coming to a close, all of the end of the year festivities have OSU students going crazy. After all of the gray, depressing winter days, students are psyched for the spring game.  With OSU’s spring game comes “spring block” (the frat parties held before football games) and, of course, ChittFest. 

ChittFest is an annual rager that takes place on Chittenden Avenue which takes place from 7am- 2am the next day and is infamous for flipping cars and causing a riot in 2021.

To get an inside scoop on the chaos of ChittFest, we spoke with students Caroline King and Lila Brown on their experiences. 


According to King, she woke up bright and early at “6 am” to head over to ChittFest by 8 am. After getting ready for the party, King met up with some friends but it wasn’t until she tried to have a hot dog that things got a little out of hand. The hosts ran out of hot dog buns rather quickly which made it pretty difficult for party goers to eat the hot dogs straight off of the grill. 

Instead of a clean hot dog bun, King was offered a dirty hot dog bun which according to her was “raw dogging the carpet floor.” She ended up using her used jungle juice drink cup to hold the hot dog, soaking her food in ketchup, vodka and mustard. 

After her foodie experience, King went on a trip down frat row and ended up in the basement of a frat waiting for the restroom, where she happened to find a ton of fanny packs wrapped in single-use plastics. King and many of the other girls took it upon themselves to “show them the world” and now have a collector’s item to help them remember this special day. 

All in all, King said she had “a wonderful time, with no notes.”

Another student, Lila Brown didn’t have as great of an experience.

Brown felt overwhelmed, saying, “There were people everywhere and the music wasn’t that good.” Brown ended up meandering around attempting to find a bathroom by trying to open doors to all of the houses. She ended up walking to an alley only to stumble upon a random man peeing who yelled at her saying to “leave him alone.” Brown said she was grateful that “at least no cars were flipped this year.”

At the end of the day, both King and Brown were able to make long lasting memories they’re sure to think about when reflecting on “the good old days” of their college years. 

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