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Here’s the popular shop that’s moving into the now-closed, Clintonville Rag-O-Rama space

Here’s the popular shop that’s moving into the now-closed, Clintonville Rag-O-Rama space

Sav McKee

“We’re moving both businesses under one roof, that will allow us to grow both brands and offer more community events and experiences!” said this local shop known for boutique clothing, trinkets, and gifts.

Tigertree announced today, February 14, that they’re merging with their other concept, Cub Shrub, and moving into the space that once housed Rag-o-Rama, which abruptly closed earlier this year, located at 3301 N. High St.

Tigertree already has a Clintonville location, and their other business Cub Shrub is located in Grandview,  but when the Rag-O-Rama space opened up, “we realized it might afford us the opportunity to make our roles overlap in a more efficient way, allowing us the time we’ve been sacrificing together outside of work,” said Tigertree’s social media post.


They continue, “Our current stores have a combined total space of right at 3,000 square feet. Our new location is just over 6,000 square feet. The amount of space dedicated to both sales floors will double, which will allow us to add more products and new categories…We’ll also finally have a proper back-room, office and shipping department. We’ll be able to keep deeper stock in best sellers, so we’ll run out of things less often and we’re planning big upgrades to the ecom sides of both businesses.”

Tigertree features a variety of unique finds, ranging from cool stationary to independently owned apparel and gifts. Cub Shrub is the mini version of that – literally – it’s a children’s shop filled to the brim with whimsical children’s apparel and accessories.

The owners, Josh and Niki Quinn, announced that they’re also planning on hosting community events and hands-on experiences, such as a Custom Flag Making Bar, Mothers Day Photoshoots, and N/A Popup Bars, with more details to come.

And, the detail everyone is waiting for – yup, they’ll have a dedicated parking lot behind their store. No more fighting over parking spots.

“Thank you so much to both the Cub Shrub and Tigertree communities that have supported us so much over the years. We promise we’re working hard to make this new location something you will all be excited about. We take our jobs very seriously. Providing people with thoughtful gifts and quality apparel is important to us. Now we’ll have enough space to have our experience match our offerings. Thanks for coming along for the ride!”

While no opening date has been announced yet, we’re excited to see a business that’s been around for almost two decades expand!

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