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Lawn chairs already set up for this summer’s 4th of July Parade in Upper Arlington

Lawn chairs already set up for this summer’s 4th of July Parade in Upper Arlington

Sav McKee

Last June, someone set a red chair up on the road verge outside of the Donatos in Upper Arlington, blocking it off with caution tape, an entire month before UA’s long standing 4th of July Parade.

This red chair with an OSU emblem on it became a joke around town, with community members adding decorations to the blocked off section. At one point, someone added a small table with a beer on it, then a large cutout of Betty White, a potted plant, and even a “Live, Laugh, Love” sign.

To this day, no one knows who placed it there, especially since no one actually got to sit in the chair for the parade. Instead, the red chair was hoisted on top of an SUV and driven through the parade, with the Betty White cut-out and all. It was even driven through the Doo Dah parade, as well.

r/Columbus - a car with a chair on top
Photo via @snuffleupagus86 on Reddit


The Upper Arlington Civic Association decided to lean into this joke. This week, they set up two chairs on Northwest Blvd, blocked off with caution tape, in anticipation for the 4th of July Parade. “The chairs are back… in black! While some of our town is away on spring break, some stay behind to hold down the fort and entertain the good people of UA with our shenanigans and hijinks,” said the UACA on Facebook.

The chairs seemed to make people laugh already, and honestly, we could all use a little bit of lighthearted fun these days.

May be an image of golf cart and text that says '4TH OF JULY THEME COMING SOON! A UA TI'
Photo via Upper Arlington Civic Association’s Facebook

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