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Multiple Columbus dispensaries approved for recreational marijuana licenses; sales could happen this week

Multiple Columbus dispensaries approved for recreational marijuana licenses; sales could happen this week

Sav McKee

While the application process for medical marijuana dispensaries to start selling adult-use recreational marijuana opened up a couple of weeks ago on June 7, it’s still up in the air when these dispensaries will actually be able to open their doors to people without medical cards.

Dozens of medical dispensaries, cultivators, processors, and testing labs have been issued provisional licenses, but they still have to prove they completed the requirements from the Division of Cannabis Control, including an updated POS system that differentiates between medical and recreational purchases, and proving they have enough supply for medical marijuana patients. 

Some dispensary owners said that the state told them recreational sales could begin as early as this week.

“They won’t let us know an actual date until the day-of though,” said Andy, an employee for the local dispensary, The Botanist. “We keep going back & forth. We don’t know exactly what to tell our patients or to those who keep calling in.”

Andy continued, “But we’ve staffed up our store and stocked up our store, just in case they do call us this week.”


He’s a cancer survivor himself who fully believes in the power of weed, and the power of accessible marijuana, too. “I had a 15 hour surgery on my face due to my cancer, and I never had to take Tylenol,” he explained. Instead, he said he used marijuana to heal and tolerate the pain.

And he sees the patients that come into the Botanist do the same. “I’ve watched Parkinson patients who couldn’t get their change out to pay come in 3 weeks later telling me they’re able to now walk their dog,” he emphasized. “I’ve seen parents of kids who have 3 seizures a day explain their child now has zero of them.”

When dispensaries do open for recreational weed, Andy encourages people not to shop around just based on TCH concentration. Instead, he urges customers to pay attention to the natural terpenes in each strain. For example, he said that limonene terpenes would be best for people who want to feel happy. Andy suggests myrcene for pain and as a natural sedative, and he claims terpinolene is a “go-go juice” for artists, musicians, or even wanting to take a more appreciative walk with your dog. “They’re like horse blinders – it gets you focused on what you’re doing,” Andy laughed.

“Think of baskin robbins and all of their flavors. What if strawberry was the best for pain, and vanilla got rid of headaches, and chocolate got rid of depression? Don’t just order the chocolate because you like the taste. Even if you’re going to use it recreationally, you have to find out what is best or for you,” Andy explained.

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