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WWCD Radio shuts down all services for good

WWCD Radio shuts down all services for good

Sav McKee

It’s been quite a journey for the local radio company, WWCD, with various ups & downs.

As most of us know, WWCD 92.9 signed off radio airwaves back in January, transitioning to free online streaming services.

But now, it’s gone for good, and it’s official.

On April 28, WWCD’s owner Randy Malloy announced that they played their last song on the free streaming services they were offering to Columbus. “It’s been an incredible journey, one that legend can be told of with memories and cherished moments shared with you that will never be forgotten. Thank you to each and every  one of you,” said Malloy’s announcement.


Malloy expressed that the end of operations isn’t due to just one reason, but a culmination of things “that others will undoubtedly speculate on forever.” He said, “It’s not a decision that we wanted to make, but, as with life, sometimes you have to make difficult choices. So with that said, we reflect on the joy and happiness that (as many have aptly named it) the soundtrack of our lives has given all of us and place it back in your control.”

If you’re interested in a look back on the history of WWCD, which started in 1990, here’s our farewell post from back in January.

Thank you for everything, the WWCD Radio Team!

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