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Columbus suburb considered third best city in the country for singles according to study

Columbus suburb considered third best city in the country for singles according to study

Sav McKee

It’s a Saturday night, you’re single, and you’re ready to mingle. Where in the city do you choose for a night-out with the intention of meeting someone?

Well, apparently, if you’re not heading to the bustling Grandview Ave. strip, chocked full of bars & restaurants like The Avenue, Lawbird Supply House, Grandview Tavern, and Grandview Drafthaus, you’re missing out. 

According to Ownerly, a real estate website that analyzes data to help you choose the best house for your needs, Grandview Heights is the third best city in the country for singles.


Ownerly evaluated metrics crucial to unmarried individuals, with factors including growth of the single population, income, housing affordability, social venues, and the median age of residents. The study filtered out any city with declining single’s populations, and cities that seemed to lack “core lifestyle amenities,” according to their website. 

They found Grandview Heights to have a plethora of educated singles with good jobs, premium home values, plus low crime rates and low unemployment rates, and “a multitude of local amenities, all within a Micropolitan setting,” Ownerly said.

“The final ranking provides insight into cities that offer not only economic stability and growth opportunities for singles, but also a supportive social environment,” said the study. 

Melino Mariano, a specialist at Ownerly, explained, “Our research seeks to shed light on those underrated cities offering the perfect concoction of economic prosperity, housing affordability, the right age demographics and social venues that bolster the possibility of serendipitous encounters and extraordinary connections. For those feeling jaded by conventional dating scenes, our study provides a fresh perspective, breathing hope into the quest for meaningful companionship.”

So for all those central Ohioans seeking a special someone, maybe head to this Western suburb this weekend?

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