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Local metro park debuts incredible multi million 660-foot ‘tree canopy walk’

Local metro park debuts incredible multi million 660-foot ‘tree canopy walk’

Sav McKee

If you’ve been itching to get out a little bit more in nature now that it’s warming up, there’s a perfect excuse to do so.

Blacklick Woods Metro Park just unveiled and opened their incredible Canopy Walk last Friday on March 17, taking visitors 40-55 feet up in the trees, face-to-beak with canopy-dwelling birds, which are kept entertained by the numerous feeders filled with thistle, sunflower seeds, and suet.

Photo by Liz Christian via Metro Parks’ Website

The structure is supported by 250 50-foot telephone poles, and although it takes 72 steps up a zig-zag staircase to get to the top, Blacklick Woods Metro Park had accessibility in mind – the Canopy Walk can also be reached via an elevator tower. The large boardwalk is also wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids!


The Canopy Walk also includes a giant cargo net, where you can sit back hammock-style and take in all of the woodland scents and views. It can hold up to 10 people at a time, so bring your kids or friends! But please, none of the furry kind – pets are prohibited from entering the Canopy Walk. 

Photo by Liz Christian via Metro Parks’ Website

There’s also three rope bridges, a fireman’s pole, and a treehouse to play in!

According to Metro Park’s website, they “…contracted with R.W. Setterlin to build the Canopy Walk. Based in Columbus and founded in 1935, Setterlin also served as the single-prime contractor for the building of the nature center at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. This multi-million dollar project arose from brainstorming sessions by park planners several years ago and has finally come to fruition.” 

Enjoy this new addition to central Ohio every day from 9am-7pm, April through August, and 9am-5pm September through March. 

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