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614 feast digs into his top-5 Columbus briskets

614 feast digs into his top-5 Columbus briskets

Anthony O'Connell

Columbus is full of great briskets, but this is my top 5. And I want all the smoke.

Hoggy’s BBQ and Catering (830 Bethel Rd)
At Hoggy’s, the brisket isn’t just delicious; it’s a masterpiece. Their caramelized bark is a glistening jet black, with a slightly gummy texture that’s a joyful bite. Seasoned to perfection with their house blend, you’re offered a choice between lean or fatty cuts.

Ray Ray’s Hog Pit (2619 N High St)
Ray Ray’s brisket is great at all 6 Columbus locations — a real show of consistency and top-notch smoking. Juicy, tender, and topped with a signature dry rub, it’s a beautiful bite of BBQ. Fun fact: owner James Anderson was a James Beard Best Chef Semifinalist in 2020. 

Texas Steele BBQ (1060 King Ave)
Akil Steele, who received part of his training from BBQ legend Aaron Franklin, brings Texas to the heart of Columbus. It’s not just brisket; it’s a journey to the roots of Texas BBQ, made with passion and a deep respect for tradition. Each bite tells a story of dedication and smoked perfection.


Legacy Smokehouse (3987 Main St)
Embracing the Central Texas style, Legacy’s brisket is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Here, the brisket is king, with just enough seasoning to complement but never overshadow the natural, beefy goodness. 

Hank’s Texas BBQ (2941 N High St)
Not Just Brisket—Pastrami Perfection. While Hank’s brisket deserves its accolades, I want to shout out their pastrami special—available once a week and not to be missed. It’s savory, smoky, spicy, with a subtle sweetness. It’s a salty, juicy delight that’s worth planning your week around.

614 feast’s notes for the best BBQ experience:

 –Did you know there’s a way to test your brisket? We’ve got the bend test, where a thin slice should bend over your finger without breaking. Then there’s the hang test, which tests if a brisket is strong enough to hold itself up, yet tender enough to tear with a bit of pressure.

And while these five amazing briskets can stand alone without any help, ordering sauce on the side never hurts. It’s always fun to get a little sauced, right?

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