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614 feast taps his top 5 Black-owned eateries in Columbus for February

614 feast taps his top 5 Black-owned eateries in Columbus for February

Anthony O'Connell

In honor of Black History Month 2024, themed “African Americans and the Arts,” we’re diving into the delectable world of culinary arts. From nationally recognized restaurants to hidden gems, here are five of my favorite black-owned restaurants that are totally feast-worthy!

Marlow’s Cheesesteaks (93 N High St, Gahanna)

The owners, originally from Philadelphia, have brought the authentic taste of Philly cheesesteaks to Columbus. Make sure to try their Steak Kobe Fries, featuring steak, Cheese Whiz, and sautéed onions over perfectly crispy, salty fries.Treat yourself to one of their water ices for a refreshing sweet treat to finish your meal.

Creole 2 Geaux (401 N Front St)

A taste of New Orleans in Columbus, found in the East Market for a quick bite or at the Arena District location for the whole experience. The menu is packed with hits, but the standouts for me are the Jambalaya Mac & Cheese— with blackened chicken, pork andouille sausage, topped with green onions—and the Shrimp Po’ Boy, a crispy, golden fried shrimp sandwich with Creole seasoned fries.


Steph’s Way (177 S Cypress Ave)

A hidden gem known for its top-notch chicken wings and tacos. Steph’Von uses a special wet batter for the wings, then bakes them before a final flash fry to order. The result? Wings that are perfectly crispy on the outside, while juicy and tender on the inside. And the fries? They’re consistently hot, crispy, and seasoned just right.

Preston’s: A Burger Joint (2973 N High St)

Locally sourced smash burgers, my favorite is the Pastrami Bacon: special sauce, american cheese, shaved onion, iceberg, house pickle. If you’re a heat seeker, try the Spicy Boi Chicken Sandwich: fried chicken, sambal jam, pimento cheese, shaved onion, bread & butter pickles. And let’s not forget about the vegetarians – Fried Lion’s Mane Mushroom, lemon thyme mayo, red onion, red cabbage, bread & butter pickles. 

Hoyo’s Kitchen (59 Spruce St)

Multiple locations, serving up delicious, authentic Somali cuisine that’s a feast for the senses. My go-to base is the Spicy Basmati Rice, though you can’t go wrong with their Somali Basmati Rice, salad, or Injera either. Every protein option, from three distinct chicken dishes to beef, goat, and even a vegetarian selection, is expertly seasoned and bursting with flavor. Depending on what I’m craving, I go with the mango chicken or the goat—both are exceptional and reflect the rich culinary heritage of Somalia.

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