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What Dafuque? New, local brewing company is debuting in Columbus this year

What Dafuque? New, local brewing company is debuting in Columbus this year

Sav McKee

Like a lot of us, some friends were sitting around during the pandemic, dabbling in their hobbies. Andrew Whitaker and Theoren Watson were messing around with home-brewed beer kits, and over time, they realized they were really good at brewing beer.

Over time, they developed their own original recipes and started bottling the beer to share with friends and family, creating labels for their brand on photoshop.

And now, Whitaker and Watson’s new beer concept, called Dafuque Beer, is coming to the rest of Columbus. “We’ve been preparing everything for launch over the past year, and there have been tons of obstacles and hoops we’ve had to jump through,” explained Watson. “We as a company can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”


Right now, Dafuque Beer is in their pre-production phase, producing as much beer as they possibly can before they launch around late April or early May. They’ll be brewing at a warehouse on Frebis Ave., where both brewing and distribution will take place.

As for a taproom, they definitely plan on opening one, but right now, they’re focusing on production and selling their cans and drafts to stores and local businesses first. “We have some connections to some major bars and clubs Downtown where you’re likely to see us. We want to come out swinging and grow as quickly as possible,” Watson said.

You’ll also be able to snag some of their Columbus-made cans, like Chocolate Strawberry Stouts, Tripel Belgians, Royal Pilsners, Blueberry Raspberry Ales, on their website here soon, too.

Watson emphasized, “We’re really just some guys who are pulling all the strings possible to make this work.”

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