According to ‘Mashed’ list, this is the best burger in the state of Ohio

Jack McLaughlin

A list from Mashed has named their top burger in each U.S. state, and while the website’s Ohio pick isn’t a Columbus item, it should still likely make every Ohioan’s burger bucket list.

The Mashed story, titled “The Best Burger in Every State,” the best Ohio burger is the Avon Burger from Heck’s Cafe.


“Heck’s Cafe is a relatively fancy eatery for a burger restaurant. Instead of simply being a restaurant, they bill themselves as an experience. While that may be true, it’s the deliciousness of their burgers that will make you want to come back,” Mashed writes. “With a plethora of gourmet burgers on their menu, it can be overwhelming when it comes time to make your pick. However, if you go with the Avon Burger, you will be more than satisfied. This classy sandwich features bleu cheese, candied onions, truffle fries, and arugula.”

If you’re looking to visit for yourself, Heck’s Cafe operates three locations, in Avon, Cleveland and Beachwood.

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