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Award-winning Columbus food producer reveals surprise rebrand

Award-winning Columbus food producer reveals surprise rebrand

Jack McLaughlin

A lauded artisan food in producer in Columbus has changed things up.

In a recent announcement, the award-winning, artisan meat producer North Country Charcuterie has revealed a rebrand. It will now go by Foris Extraordinary Meats.

The rebrand comes complete with a shift to a bold orange and grey color scheme, new product photos and more.

And while the look of the company has changed, the products made by North Country Charcuterie that seemed to reel in Good Food Awards and more annually have stayed the same.  


“North Country Charcuterie has evolved since we started our company in 2014. After a decade of crafting bold, approachable, curious and fresh products, we’re launching our new brand: Foris Extraordinary Meats,” a statement from Foris reads.

The local meat producer plans to release more information this week about what prompted the shift to a new name and brand.

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