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Beloved ‘coffee camper’ concept opens first brick & mortar with all vintage decor

Beloved ‘coffee camper’ concept opens first brick & mortar with all vintage decor

Sav McKee

While waiting in a very long line in the heat of summer for an ice cold orange creme matcha from a tiny coffee camper was absolutely worth it back in the days, loyal fans of Honey Cup Coffee Company will now have an entirely different option to grab their favorite drinks.

Honey Cup Coffee Company first started slinging their delicious drinks out of a 1960s vintage camper at SoHud pop-ups years ago. Eventually, they collaborated with the local favorite spot, Rambling House, and started serving their coffee out of that music venue. 

But now, they’re ready for a spot entirely of their own. “We started just growing to the point we thought, ‘okay, we can support a brick and mortar now,’” said owner Joel McPeak. “Everything evolved, and now we have our own little spot.”

McPeak is ecstatic for the opportunity to open not just a coffee shop, but a community space in the SoHud area, too. He resides in the SoHud area, and he said most of the baristas live there, and there’s a loyal fan base that lives in the area just South of Clintonville. It was the perfect spot for them. “Spaces don’t pop up that often here,” he emphasized. But when one did at 2489 Summit St., McPeak knew it was the right time to open a space of their own. 

Their new coffee shop is decked out with vintage decor, designed by Temple Miller,  the owner of the new local vintage store The Atomic Shop. It’s cozy yet spacious, with exposed brick walls, vintage posters and art, antique velvet & leather seating, and a fun collection of vintage records. 3


Photo by Ali Bell, courtesy of Honey Cup Coffee

You’ll find creative drinks made with local roaster Brioso espresso and Honey Cup’s own house-made syrups, like banana creme lattes, coconut five spice latte, and of course, their signature orange creme matcha, which McPeak said people are still obsessed with, even after serving it for years. 

The best part is that you can grab all of this and more, right now. Honey Cup Coffee officially opened today, July 5, at 2489 Summit St. On Saturday July 6, they’ll be throwing a grand opening party with a live DJ set. Swing by and try some of the best hand-crafted coffee drinks in the city any time between 8am-4pm, daily.

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