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International artist creates rendition of recently-closed Columbus area pizzeria

International artist creates rendition of recently-closed Columbus area pizzeria

Jack McLaughlin

While Zamarelli’s Pizza Palace’s six-decade run came to an end after the eatery closed its doors earlier this year, the pizzeria has been memorialized by an international artist.

David Pennock, a Scotland-based artist known for his ink drawings of both real and imagined pizza places has completed an artistic rendering of the recently-shuttered Zamarelli’s Pizza in Grove City.

His Ishizu Pizza series is a collection of endearingly-sparse drawings of Ishizu Pizza, which revolves around depictions of a fictional pizza chain he invented.


Lately, however, he has also been creating drawings based on existing buildings and “incorporating them into the story as part of the Ishizu chain,” Pennock told 614Now. The pizza chain has an entire narrative around it as well, created by the (also fictional) Hiro Ishizu, who opened the chain after becoming a prisoner of war in WII and remaining in the United States.

So how, exactly, did the Scottish artist end up selecting a central Ohio pizza place to sketch? Through another Ohio pizza place, of course.

“Zamerelli’s was introduced to me by WhiteBox Pizza who are local to Ohio. They asked me to draw Zamerellies in my style,” Pennock said, adding the drawing was a commission by the Avon, Ohio-based Whitebox Pizza. “They told me it has recently closed down and had been a significant place to them over the years. It really felt like I’d come full circle on this as I imagined it was exactly the kind of place Hiro Ishizu would have worked.”

If you want Pennock to create a drawing of your favorite pizzeria, DM Ishizu Pizza on Instagram.

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