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Late night restaurant featuring funnel cakes, wings and more opens its doors

Late night restaurant featuring funnel cakes, wings and more opens its doors


Whether you’re a night owl or simply craving a midnight snack, Late Night Bites, located at 5512 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, Ohio, is the place to satisfy your after-hours appetite. 

Founded by passionate food enthusiast Princess Jones, who recognized the area’s need for quality late-night dining options, and the concept officially opened its doors earlier this year.

Late Night Bites aims to redefine late-night indulgence. “We’re open until midnight during the week and until 4 AM with a carry-out window, ready to satisfy your late-night cravings,” Jones said.


For Jones, the decision to establish Late Night Bites in this location is deeply personal. “Over ten years ago, I used to bartend in the same building. When I saw it was available, I seized the opportunity, stepped away from corporate America, and emphasized she hasn’t looked back,” she told 614Now.

The menu blends bold flavors with a laid-back ambiance. From unexpected delights like smoked turkey legs, BBQ jerk, and grilled chicken to beloved fair food staples such as funnel cakes, onion rings, and French fries, Late Night Bites promises a culinary adventure with every visit.

Beyond its diverse menu, Late Night Bites aims to foster community, creating an inclusive space where all feel welcome, no matter the hour. And this is just the beginning of Jones’s entrepreneurial journey—she has another venture, a bar opening soon, which promises to bring even more excitement – we’ll be sure to cover it!

Whether you’re winding down after a night out or seeking a delicious late-night meal, Late Night Bites is your destination for flavorful eats and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

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