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Meet the two new coffee concepts that everyone in Columbus is talking about

Meet the two new coffee concepts that everyone in Columbus is talking about

Sav McKee

Personally, I haven’t been able to check my Instagram without seeing someone post on their stories a picture of a beautiful latte sprinkled with rose petals on top, from a place called Moonbird, or an Earl Grey Latte and Strawberry Matcha Poptart from The Galaxy Coffee. And as a coffee aficionado, I had to know more about where everyone in Columbus seems to be getting their coffee fix.

Moonbird Coffee Co., located at 1400 Holly Ave. in Grandview, isn’t your average coffee shop. In fact, it’s not really a coffee shop at all, but actually a coffee trailer. That’s not stopping people from flocking to it, though. “We started with a trailer to remember where we came from,” explained Candice O’Neill, who co-owns Moonbird with her husband, Eric.

The O’Neills opened their coffee trailer January 6 of this year, after years of Candice developing her own coffee recipes. Everything recently fell into place for her: she met her husband Eric while working at Honey Cup Coffee’s trailer one summer, and then Zoco, a local Grandview business, offered up a parking lot for her and Eric to create their own coffee concept.


Photo via Moonbird’s Instagram

Moonbird sources their coffee, tea, spices, chocolate, and even sugar in the most ethical manner possible, and the taste of the drinks reflect that. All of their lattes are made Rabbit Hole Roasters espresso, Snowville Creamery whole milk, oat milk, or pea milk, and with thoughtfully house-made syrups (there’s also fantastic espresso based drinks with no syrups at all – think flat whites and cortados). “A favorite is the Mystic Rhythm, a latte with rich brown sugar sea salt syrup, fresh nutmeg & cinnamon,” said Candice. “There’s also a special place on our menu for matcha-based drinks – matcha was my gateway into the coffee world at a young age, and I always seek it out when I visit a new place.” The Moonbird tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream, with matcha, vanilla bean syrup, and fresh mint. 

Snacks include vegan waffle sticks made with spelt flour grown and milled here in Ohio by Deshback Farms, plus savory toasts, like a sourdough avocado, made with bread from Yawning Bear Bread Co.

You can grab one of their popular lattes Tuesday through Friday, 7am-3pm, and sometimes Saturdays and Sundays, but stay tuned on their Instagram for their weekly official hours. You won’t want to miss them.

The Galaxy Coffee is also one of the coffee trailers gaining traction around town, proving that you don’t necessarily need a brick + mortar to make things work. They’ve been parking around town, slinging coffee and pastries from local bakeries for the past year and a half, making a name for themselves with their colorful, rainbow truck and unapologetic queerness. 

Starting Tuesday, Feb 27, they’ll be permanently parked at 3264 N. High St. in Clintonville, from 7:30am-2pm Tuesdays through Sundays. This new permanent parking space will feature outdoor seating, including a picnic table, some patio tables, and bar stools to pull right up to the counter on their truck to enjoy your pastry and cappuccino.

Photo via The Galaxy Coffee’s Instagram

“The dream has always been to create a space where people can come and enjoy themselves, with both delicious drinks and with a space that feels inviting. That’s what we’re hoping to create here!” said Jevonna Morris, owner and operator of The Galaxy Coffee.

Galaxy’s March 9th Grand Reopening will feature a new drink called the Galaxy Latte, complete with lavender and a touch of edible, colorful sprinkles! You can grab some of their signature drinks at the new Clintonville space starting tomorrow though.

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