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National food website publishes story on Columbus style pizza

National food website publishes story on Columbus style pizza

Jack McLaughlin

While we here in central Ohio know just how good Columbus-style pizza can be, recognition for the style  doesn’t always find its way out of the Buckeye State, but it did in a big way earlier this year.

Last month, the national food publication Tasting Table published a story dedicated to Columbus-style pizza.

Titled “Columbus-style pizza is the perfect pie for pepperoni lovers,” the story describes many of the finer points style and dives into its history.

One interesting fact that comes from the Tasting Table story is the belief that provolone cheese on Columbus-style pies, which is a prominent feature of the style today, came about out of necessity.

“According to historians, there was only one Italian ingredient purveyor in Columbus during the first decades of pizza expansion, offering provolone instead of mozzarella,” it reads.

You can read the full story for yourself here. It’s also available to death on

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