Ohio pizzeria releasing new pizza topped with fried chicken, waffles, syrup and cheese

Jack McLaughlin

Roscoe’s Pizza has done it again.

The Ohio pizzeria that has gone viral a number of times for its wild pies–most notably for its Elvis-inspired pizza that combines peanut butter, banana, honey and pizza cheese–recently released a new Chicken & Waffles pizza.

According to a post from Roscoe’s, the new item doesn’t offer a base sauce, but combines “waffles, pizza cheese and breaded chicken with syrup,” although the syrup comes on the side, allowing diners to control how much they choose put on their pie.


We’re most interested in the combination of chicken and waffles ingredients alongside pizza cheese. Do you think it will work?

Roscoe’s, which offers over 100 different speciality pizzas (many of which are just as wild as the Chicken & Waffles) is located at 6782 Corwin Ave. in Waynesville, approximately an hour south of Columbus.


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