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Ohio shrimp farmer launching new food truck and mobile market concept

Ohio shrimp farmer launching new food truck and mobile market concept

Jack McLaughlin

Ashtyn Chen may know more about shrimp than anyone else in the Buckeye State, and he’s taking his knowledge to the kitchen.

The mobile kitchen, technically.

Oh So Fresh Market & Grub!, a food truck that will offer both prepared menu items and seafood-related groceries, plans to open its doors for business on Feb. 20, according to co-owner Ashtyn Chen.


Chen, who formerly operated Ashtyn’s Seafood House, is also owner of OceanArcc Technologies (which was previously named Ocean’s Friend Aquaculture), a Pataskala-based saltwater shrimp farm. These, as you might have guessed, are a rarity in Ohio. He has paired up Ting Jiang, the owner of Bexley’s Noahla Seafood,  to bring Oh So Fresh to Columbus. 

Chen told 614Now the food truck will offer fresh seafood when available–including live lobster, shrimp and crab–along with a food menu that patrons can order from, including dishes from Noahla and other items. The current menu includes everything from Cajun fries to Clam Chowder, Snow Crab Legs and Mussels.

“Bottom line, our goal is to use our trucks to advertise for and expand the reach of our existing restaurants in town (it’s a tough industry, and free advertising is always good) but also test the market for fresh seafood and to eventual build supermarkets built around it, kind of like Carfagna’s, but focused on seafood for the general public,” he said.

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