Pasta made in giant cheese wheel? This restaurant is the only in central Ohio that does it

Sav McKee

We’ve probably all seen the trend in videos from diners out in NYC, LA, Paris, and Rome. But what if we told you that you can find that viral, trendy, cheese wheel-tossed-pasta right here in Columbus, OH?

Pelino’s Pasta uses a 60lb wheel of Pecorino Romana that’s been imported straight from Lazio, Italy to toss their signature Cacio e Pepe dish. They bring the wheel right to your table, where you’re then able to see the pasta being tossed about directly in the cheese wheel, then immediately served to your spot at the table.

Owner Vince Pelino with the famous Pecorino Cheese Wheel


The concept of Pasta alla Ruota (cheese wheel pasta) is said to be centuries old, but Pelino’s Pasta is the only restaurant in Ohio that features this delicacy that you can usually only find in other big cities. “The closest place that does it like we do is probably NYC,” said co-owner, Vince Pelion. 

Try it for yourself at Pelinos Pasta, located at 245 King Ave. This will absolutely impress your Valentine’s Day date. 

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