Top-ranked competitive eater downs pints of ice cream, 30-plus fish bites in 1 minute at Ohio baseball game

Jack McLaughlin

While Joey Chestnut may not be able officially defended his title at this year’s Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest, he can show up at an Ohio baseball game and house an obscene amount of food.

And that’s exactly what he did.

On June 1, Chestnut—who is currently the world’s top-ranked Major League Eating—attended a Toledo Mud Hens game (the team is the Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers), and his appetite came with, too.


The competitive eater took down four pints of Toft’s ice cream in a single minute (the brain freeze alone would be too much for us), in addition to 36 fried walleye bites during a separate 60-second period.

You can watch a video of Chestnut going absolutely ballistic at the Mud Hens game here.

Chestnut held a “Eat & Greet” with fans before the game, which served as a fundraiser for Connecting Kids to Meals, a Toledo non-profit.

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