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With founders moving out of state, popular ramen concept looks for new owner to stay afloat

With founders moving out of state, popular ramen concept looks for new owner to stay afloat

Jack McLaughlin

A popular ramen concept is looking to keep the brand afloat in the face of a cross-country move.

According to Mike Ramsey, who owns Red Rabbit Ramen alongside his wife, Terry Ramsey, the pair plans to relocate to the Pacific Northwest after being offered a job in Seattle. This means–-unless they find a buyer or able to franchise their concept–Red Rabbit will close.

“We’re only deciding to move as a financial decision, to keep us afloat,” he told 614Now. “I got to pursue a passion I truly enjoy, but the biggest issue for us will be leaving our customers, who make this all so rewarding.”


This means the Ramseys–who launched the concept in October of 2020—will be done with Red Rabbit for now, but it doesn’t mean the eatery is closing for sure. Ramsey noted they’ve been able to drum up some interest, and selling or franchising will both keep the ramen spot open in The Arch City.

If you’re interested in buying the brand or franchising, send Red Rabbit Ramen a message on its social media accounts.

The concept first launched in 2020 as a popular series of pop-up dinners, before the Ramseys created a Red Rabbit Ramen cart which is still stationed at Echo Spirits. The eatery’s final days of service will be held there, from March 6-9.

“Let’s close this chapter on a high note with bowls brimming with love and flavor,” a statement posted to Red Rabbit’s social media accounts regarding the move reads reads. “Come say farewell, and let’s ramen till the end!”

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