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Historic former bakery destroyed weeks after being added to historical building’s list

Historic former bakery destroyed weeks after being added to historical building’s list

Sav McKee

Razing buildings around town is nothing new – but one building in particular was destroyed recently, and it came as a surprise to some, considering it was placed on Preservation Ohio’s “Most Endangered Historic Sites” list and is renowned for its rare architecture.

This list, created by local organization Preservation Ohio, who’s been advocating for the preservation of historic buildings since 1993, has helped historic landmarks stand for decades, including the Athenaeum in Downtown Columbus.

But they can’t, and couldn’t, save all of the endangered historic buildings in the state, of course. Including the former bakery on East Livingston and Rhoads avenues, called Farm Crest Bakeries, also known as the Hoffman Container Factory. 

Former Farm Crest Bakeries building; via Ohio Redevelopment Projects – ODSA


The three-story building was one of the few buildings constructed in a mid-century style that remained in Columbus. It was first constructed in 1949 as a cookie factory, and it helped staff hundreds of Columbus workers. The building was often praised for its design, called Streamline Moderne, with modern lighting, sanitary materials during construction, and a beautiful, clean, efficient layout.

 It was proposed for demolition in 2022, and it finally happened at the end of the last month after being sold for $2 million. Woda Cooper Companies, an affordable housing developer, has proposed a 118-unit apartment building for the site.

Another local preservation non-profit, called Columbus Landmarks, placed Spaghetti Warehouse on their most endangered list of 2024, and the former historic restaurant is also planning on being razed and turned into apartment buildings. CEO Rebecca Kemper emphasizes that cities thrive when “buildings are re-used and adapted,” and that the community is also interested in keeping historic landmarks alive in Columbus, including buildings such as the Spaghetti Warehouse.

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