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Jerry Springer mural coming to Ohio city this summer

Jerry Springer mural coming to Ohio city this summer

Jack McLaughlin

The man who forever left his mark on daytime TV will also be leaving it on the city of Cincinnati this summer.

Jerry Springer, who is best-known for his dramatic talk show series, but served on the Cincinnati City Council and as the city’s 56th Mayor, will be commemorated in a mural this summer through ArtWorks, a Cincinnati arts non-profit.

According to an ArtWorks press release, the mural will commemorate the work Springer, who passed following a battle with pancreatic cancer last year, did with Tender Mercies, a Queen City non-profit dedicated to assisting adults with severe mental illnesses.


“We believe Jerry would not want simply a mural to pay homage to him, but instead he would want a mural to help him, even in death, to continue the work that was in his spirit, meaning he would want to try to help others through the mural, in this case, Tender Mercies. It all fits the theme of, ‘take care of yourself and each other,’“ said Cincinnati Councilwoman and longtime friend of Springer, June Galvin in a press release.

Artworks is currently seeking a designer to oversee the mural, but apprentices will work with teachers at the non-profit to create the mural this summer. It will be located outside the Tender Mercies office, which is located at 27 W. 12th St. in Cincinnati.

The mural will also include a QR code that viewers can use to donate to Tender Mercies.

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