Multiple Columbus businesses featured in Twenty One Pilots music video

Jack McLaughlin

A new music video for Twenty One Pilots’ single “Lavish” is shining a spotlight on a whole host of local businesses.

The video, which you can watch here, features signs of local businesses as they line up with lyrics in the song.

For example, one eatery that’s featured prominently is Lavash Cafe. During several of the song’s choruses (“Welcome to the new way of livin’ / It’s just the beginning of lavish”) Clintonville restaurant Lavash Cafe is featured when the word lavish is sung.


And the local eatery is using their newfound spot of fame to help out the community.

“Wow, being surprised by one of the biggest bands in the world was such a surreal feeling! Even days later, I am still in shock,” said Lavash Cafe co-owner Jamal Latif. “I’m glad we could use that spotlight to raise awareness about a cause very important to us—food insecurity in Columbus. We asked the incredible Twenty One Pilots fans to buy hummus, with 21% of proceeds going to the Clintonville Resource Center food pantry, or to donate directly. Many fans responded generously!”

A handful of other local businesses were also featured in the video (for a short stint each), including: Small Talk, Squeak’s Bar & Grill, Foggy Bottoms Ink, Sancus Carry Out, Lahish the Greek and more.

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