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New independent bookstore opens in Upper Arlington replaces 58 year-old business

New independent bookstore opens in Upper Arlington replaces 58 year-old business


Calling all bookworms in the (614)—there’s a new literary hotspot in town!

Storyline Bookshop has flung open its doors at 2108 Tremont Center, ready to enchant readers of all ages in its very first week.

Owner Janine Sickmeyer describes it as an “independent, woman-owned, neighborhood bookshop for all ages,” aiming to breathe new life into the former Brown Shoes location, which closed in April 2023 after 58 years.


“Upper Arlington has always been my dream location. When I saw this place was available, I knew it was perfect—exactly what I wanted, especially for the foot traffic and its walkability from our house,” Sickmeyer shared with 614Now.

Despite its modest exterior, inside, Storyline Bookshop transforms into a boundless wonderland, with cozy reading nooks and diverse rooms waiting to be explored. For Sickmeyer, the standout feature is the Skylight Room.

“The Skylight Room feels like a spacious family living room, filled with captivating art books, first editions, and rare finds,” Sickmeyer enthused.

This versatile space boasts a stage where you can catch author readings, enjoy live music, and immerse yourself in a variety of community events.

Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., the shop caters to early birds grabbing coffee at Littleton’s Market or snacks from The Original Goodie Shop, as well as shoppers and diners throughout the day.

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