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Ohio brothers suing person who accused them of murdering multiple Columbus victims, including Brian Shaffer

Ohio brothers suing person who accused them of murdering multiple Columbus victims, including Brian Shaffer

614now Staff

In a unique civil suit filed in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court, a pair of brothers are suing a Reddit user who has allegedly continuously accused them via public Reddit comments of being involved in multiple homicide cases, including Brian Shaffer’s high-profile case.

M. and B. Osowski filed the lawsuit against anonymous Reddit user “QueeenBeeeee,” who they’re calling “Jane Doe.” The brothers are seeking $25,000 in monetary damages, and requesting retractions of the postings, as well as a court order stopping u/QueeenBeeeee from posting any more allegations.


The comments, which have since been deleted by Reddit, accuse the brothers of being serial killers and having involvement in high-profile cases, including Tyler Davis’ and Joey LaBute’s disappearances. The Reddit user, whose account has now also been suspended, accused M. Osowski of being involved in 20-year-old Julie Popovich’s murder in 2005. Notably, in 2007, Adam Saleh was convicted of Popovich’s death and is currently serving a life sentence.

In the Brian Shaffer subreddit, QueeenBeeeee accused the brothers multiple times of being involved in Shaffer’s disappearance, and even posted a picture from the Division of Police of a cease-and-desist letter. u/QueeenBeeeee also posted personal information about the brothers, including what they look like, where they live, and where they work, which have now been deleted by Reddit.

“They had no involvement with any of the crimes mentioned in this person’s posts. They had no contact with the victims of the crimes,” one of their attorneys told 614Now in a statement. “The Osowskis have families and jobs and the wild, unsupportable allegations in the postings are irresponsible. The Osowskis are pursuing the matter legally to put a stop to this false and unscrupulous behavior.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Brian Shaffer’s unsolved disappearance case from a local Columbus bar, you can view John M. Clark’s story here.

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