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Police investigating ‘Pride’ flags stolen from multiple homes in Columbus neighborhood

Police investigating ‘Pride’ flags stolen from multiple homes in Columbus neighborhood

Sav McKee

Take a stroll down any street in German Village, and you’re bound to notice the various flags blowing in the breeze. Some show support for Ukraine, others show favorite sports teams, political affiliations, heritages, and the colorful rainbow ones signify support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Some residents in German Village discovered early Sunday morning that their LGBTQ+ Pride flags were stolen off their porches. Video footage shows a group of young people tearing the Pride flags down off of multiple front porches in the neighborhood, and many of the homeowners filed police reports.


A local, beloved flag store, The Flag Lady, located at 4567 N. High St., is stepping up to replace the stolen flags. They’ve already handed them out to the people who had theirs stolen, and they plan to order more so that people can easily replace theirs.

“We’re also offering a discount on the flags on our website,” said manager Harrison Watson.

He continued, “Our philosophy as a business is loving our neighbor and caring for our community, and we just happen to sell flags to help facilitate that. We have the resources to be able to help…and it was disappointing to see that somebody was attacking that community, especially during Pride month. It’s unkind, and if we can help people and be loving and courteous when they’re dealing with something like that, that’s our calling as a family business.”

The Columbus Division of Police are still investigating the incidents and have not released any further information.

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