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Popular Columbus restaurant burglarized; burglar didn’t wear a mask

Popular Columbus restaurant burglarized; burglar didn’t wear a mask

Sav McKee

A go-to spot for ramen, pork belly buns, and Japanese curry was burglarized yesterday morning around 5:00am, and the burglar didn’t bother to cover up his face with a mask, but rather just put his hand up when he noticed there was a camera on him.

Fukuryu Ramen, located at 2027 Polaris Parkway, announced on their Instagram, “This uncool guy broke into our Polaris shop early this morning. He did damage and stole some money; fortunately no one was hurt and we were able to get the door fixed and the store open today.”


The post continues, “If he looks familiar, let us know. We will work with the police on any tips you provide. Thank you everyone for the support.”

Screenshot from Fukuryu’s Instagram

While the amount of money stolen wasn’t disclosed, it’s still demoralizing. Lately, there’s been a string of restaurant, bar, and business break-ins, and some business owners are on alert. Quinn Allen, who had his bar Zeno’s broken into twice in one week, advises business owners, “If you are a business owner, make sure you’re limiting any cash on the premise to control your losses.”

To view the video, click here.

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