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Start the new year right with lighter options from this popular Mexican eatery

Start the new year right with lighter options from this popular Mexican eatery

Jack McLaughlin

If you’re looking to start the new year off on healthier footing–but don’t want to give up eating out from time to time–El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant has a variety of calorie-conscious options that might be right for you.

We’ve all been there: We make ambitious plans for our diet in the New Year without actually finding that fine line between meals packed with unnecessary calories and those that are still delicious.

But don’t worry, Columbus, because El Vaquero has you covered.

With a number of salads on the menu, diners can opt for the El Vaquero Salad (which is packed with flavor from black bean salsa, roasted peppers and tortilla strips), the addition of mango and pineapple with black bean salsa and shrimp in the Tropical Salad, or the bold flavors of the Guadalajara Salad, which features romaine lettuce, gourmet greens, roasted green and red peppers, black bean corn salsa, Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, tomatoes, avocado, tortilla strips and grilled chicken.

If salad isn’t your thing but you’d still like to fit in your greens and cut down on calories, the eatery’s Mexican Lettuce Wraps pack sweet and spicy marinated chicken into fresh lettuce, alongside feta cheese and cilantro.

And just because you’re aiming for a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t responsibly imbibe from time to time. El Vaquero’s famous margaritas are now offered in a calorie-conscious version, the ​​Patron Skinny Margarita, which combines Patron Silver with fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and is served on the rocks with a lime garnish.

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