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Summer means patio season at El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant

Summer means patio season at El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant

Jack McLaughlin

Now that warm weather has officially arrived in Columbus (although that might be an understatement), patio season is here at El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant as well.

With eateries located across the city, you can dive into a handful of dishes that are perfect to enjoy at a seat outside in the summer sun.

El Vaquero’s Tacos de Cochinita and Tacos de Barbacoa lean into the savory flavors of pork and of Barbacoa, and are ideal for warm weather when offset by a squeeze of lime.

And with the recent heat we’re facing, you’re likely to need a refreshing drink to cool off with as well. Lucky for you, the eatery is known for its top-tier margaritas. El Vaquero’s house margarita is even available in eight different flavor options, including strawberry, watermelon, mango, pina colada, blue curacao, peach, raspberry and pomegranate.

We could talk more about them, but why don’t we just show you instead.

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