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Two Men and a Junk Truck is here to haul away what you don’t want on moving day

Two Men and a Junk Truck is here to haul away what you don’t want on moving day

Jack McLaughlin

All of us have been there before. You’re moving–whether it’s across the city or across the street–and you really don’t want to take everything with you. That old bed frame from grandma and the broken mirror in your closet are not coming with to your new home. 

The question that arises, then, is: What do I do with all this junk?

Luckily for you, we have an answer: Two Men and a Junk Truck.

The popular national moving company Two Men and a Truck–with the help of General Manager of the Columbus location Steve Barton, officially rolled out a sister junk removal business, the aptly-named Two Men and a Junk Trunk, last fall. 

According to Barton, though, the concept’s roots stretch several years back, and partially begins right here in Columbus.

“About three years ago, I was sitting on our sales floor and I noticed all of our monitors had business cards for junk-hauling services,” Barton said. “Part of moving is getting rid of things, but at the time we were referring all of services to other people. I thought: Wait a second, why not have a one stop shop?

Photo courtesy of The Scout Guide Columbus and Kismet Visuals

And, eventually, that’s exactly what happened. Today, Two Men and a Junk Trunk offers multiple services, which means customers can fill a pod themselves to be hauled away at a later date, or the company can move all the junk themselves. If you opt for the latter options, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be dealing with professionals who receive expert-level training. You can also rest assured that Two Men a Junk Truck will do their best to find a new home for your unwanted items. In fact, through their partnership with Volunteers of America, the company has saved more than 2,000 pounds of items from ending up in a landfill.

Just like with Two Men and a Truck–which started when founder Mary Ellen Sheets’ sons would help neighbors move during summers come from college–Two Men and a Junk Truck is a family-owned, Midwestern-born business, offers top-quality service and customer care. You can follow Two Men and a Junk Trunk on Facebook and Instagram.

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