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After 78 years, iconic, local store is closing their doors

After 78 years, iconic, local store is closing their doors

Sav McKee

In 1946, Henrietta and Albert “Bob” opened Slaters Hardware after seeing the need for a hardware store in the Lancaster community. Over the past 78 years, Slaters have evolved into a community staple. Slaters, located at 1141 N. Memorial Dr. in Lancaster is a place where people can pursue their hobbies, passions, and simply, it’s the place to grab all of the necessities for their home.

The Slater Family, who have owned their hardware store for multiple generations, posted on social media that they’ve made the bittersweet decision to close their doors at the end of February. “This was a difficult decision for our family, which comes as a result of a restructuring phase for Slaters, Inc,” said the Slater Family.

Slaters is an everything-in-one type store, with lamps, locksmithing, strongman equipment, home brewing supplies, antiques, monarch butterflies, and so much more.


“We recognize the impact this may have on our community and customers, and we want to express our gratitude for your unwavering commitment to our family business…our family will slowly close our storefront location between now and the end of February,” their release states.

Moving forward, Steve and Susie Slater will operate Slater Strength LTD, which specializes in niche gym equipment, and the lock shop will be called Nate’s Lock and Key, owned by Nathan Weisenstein.

Please join Slaters on Friday, January 26th (Henrietta’s birthday) and Saturday, January 27th for a “Community Gratitude Party,” stopping by the store to reminisce and enjoy refreshments.

Their statement ends, “From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support over the last 78 years. With Love and Gratitude, The Slater Family.”

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