Is it time to drop AT&T yet?

As the saga of the AT&T U-Verse, DIRECTV and WBNS dispute continues, all you are left in limbo.

And so far, there’s been no sign of either side letting up.

“As a small, family owned company, we are negotiating with AT&T, a very BIG corporation, and it comes with many challenges. Across the country, other small TV station groups are facing issues with AT&T and are also off the air. STILL, we will continue to fight every day for a fair deal with AT&T, and will back on your system as soon as possible!” –WBNS-10tv website

You’ve been without the Buckeyes on some Saturdays, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, and even Dr. Phil. What will be your last straw before switching providers?

Here’s what some Redditors had to say:

Kicker774: If they don’t get their shit together by the time Young Sheldon premiers why I just may have to torrent it!!

ChipsAndSmokesLetsGo: F*** WBNS

Goweschon: Uh…there’s two sides to this contract dispute. So maybe f** AT&T a bit too?

Miss_wildcat: This actually prompted us to drop AT&T cable entirely, despite having CBS all access. We watch literally everything on Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Go anyway. Got an antenna for $16 from Home Depot so we get the basic channels in HD. We’re saving around $70 a month. We haven’t missed it.

Goweschon: We’re testing Hulu with Live TV this week. If we’re happy with it (and so far we have been) then once the free trial is up we’ll be switching from Uverse for TV + Internet to Wow for Internet and Hulu/antenna for TV. Our bill should drop from about $200/month to about $80/month, and my Internet will go from 24 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

BillyP09: I still have att internet and switched to direct tv now and an HD antenna. Saving $75 a month, the direct tv now app isnt the best, but I think it’s going to get better with time. My bundle bill was about $180 and now I’m at $105 with top internet and the app. You can get a deal on direct tv now if u have att cell service as well.

Bently72: We switched to wow. I paid for the cbs all access so we could watch ncis while our contract was ending.

They want you to know you have options, though. There are two other cable providers that WBNS is currently not quarreling with:

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