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Spirits are nigh at Temperance Row Brewing

Spirits are nigh at Temperance Row Brewing


Temperance Row Brewing Co. owner, Scott Francis, is making sure all goes well with his newest Westerville brewery. Before opening this past Wednesday, he invited a priest to bless the space and ward off any “Temperance Row ghosts.” A good idea since Westerville once was home to the Anti-Saloon League, a key organization that drove the Prohibition movement.

Scott joins Tony Cabilovski who has been working for two years on Uptown Deli & Brew, which combines Francis’ brewery and the deli. The deli provides food for the bar and is a walk-up counter for those wanting to grab a quick sandwich, drink or snack. The deli is at the front of the space at (41) N State St. and Temperance Row is in the back.

The brewery will showcase British isles-style brews and will have guest taps. The initial selection includes Columbus Brewing, Barley’s Brewing, Elevator Brewing Co., North High Brewing, and Weasel Boy Brewing (Zanesville). Brewing for its own beers began back in October and launched this week with:

  • Pilsner
  • Pale Ale
  • Scotch Ale
  • Nitro-tapped Porter
  • IPA
  • Christmas beer

No matter what the season, central Ohio will have a new haunt with this week’s opening.

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Previously Oct. 21, 2014

Temperance Row brewing beers, if you can find it

Temperance Row Brewing, hidden behind the deli, has begun brewing beer this weekend under the eyes of Scott Francis who started at Columbus Brewing Company back in the 80s. His first brew at Temperance will be a pale ale, his staple, Columbus Business First reported, with a Scotch ale, a pilsner and a porter following shortly after.

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Previously Aug. 27, 2014

Hidden brewery in the works in Westerville

Toni Cabilovski’s has been working on a brewery idea for years, and now he’s eyeing Westerville for a deli-brewery combo. The plan at the space at 41 N. State St. would be a deli in the front and then hidden behind it would be a brewery. “I’m not doing it as a theme, but it almost seems like you’re walking into — I don’t want to say a speakeasy — but what a brewery might have looked like back then, behind a deli,” Cabilovski said according to ThisWeek Community News. He’s getting a bit of help from Scott Francis, who co-founded Barley’s Brewing Co. to help with his concept. An opening date hasn’t been announced just yet, but he has been putting in some kitchen and brewing equipment.

Uptown Deli will be in the front and Temperance Row Brewing will be in the back, homage to the prohibition past Westerville has.

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