Westerville coach pleads not guilty for slapping player

Courtesy of NBC4
Courtesy of NBC4

The former Westerville coach that was accused of slapping a player, has entered a not guilty plea. Rocky Pentello has waived his right to a speedy trial and has asked for a trial by jury.

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Previously October 14, 2014
Westerville coach retires following charges for slapping player

Amid the accusations and the charges of a Westerville coach slapping a player, the coach has retired from his position. His charges include assault and endangering children. Rocky Pentello has worked for the school for about 30 years in education and in a release he had apparently been planning to retire this year anyways.

Now, Pentello will ride out the year on sick leave and then retire in May.

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Previously October 7, 2014
Lawyer asks for more time in Westerville coach case

The lawyer representing a Westerville football coach who has been accused of slapping a player has requested more time and the arraignment has been continued. The attorney asked for more time to review the evidence, but said he doesn’t think coach Rocky Pentello harmed the player. “Coach Pentello has a lot of years of service as an educator and as a coach to the Westerville community, and he’s done an awful lot of good in this town…in this town and for the students and parents of Central Ohio,” attorney David Thomas, said.

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Previously September 26, 2014
Westerville coach charged, allegedly slapped player

A football coach in Westerville has been accused of slapping a player on the field. A tip said Westerville South Football Coach Rocky Pentello “grabbed (a football player) by the neck and slapped him hard across the face.” The incident occurred Sept. 17, and the player has said the coach slapped him across the face. Seven players said that they saw the coach grab the player, and then seven other players said they saw the coach slap him. Wednesday Pentello was arrested and charged and the released with summons.

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