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Appeal set for stadium lights at Capital University

Appeal set for stadium lights at Capital University


Capital University has been pushing for some stadium lights to begin having night games at the Bexley school, and in October, the lights were approved. An appeal though is set to be heard in January from the members of South Bexley Neighborhood Association. The residents have said they are still opposing the lights because of traffic, safety, noise and a decrease in their property value.

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Previously October 28, 2014
Bexley okays stadium lights, but with regulations

After a lot of arguing, Bexley has officially given their blessing for the stadium lights at Capital University. After a four hour meeting Monday night, the decision was finally made to put up the lights, but with a ton of regulations. (Bexley was not about to have its quite atmosphere ruined by night games.) Under a long list of conditions which entail how long the lights can actually be used at night and the volume of speakers and more, the lights will go up by the coming school year, the Dispatch reported.

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Previously October 7, 2014
Neighbors irked at the idea of stadium lights

Bexley residents enjoy their quiet neighborhood. They enjoy the walkable, residential area. What they don’t enjoy are rowdy, loud college students. As Capital University continues its plan to put lights on the football stadium, those living in the surrounding area have begun to protest. “Noise at night that we never had before, 110-foot stadium lights, light pollution that we never had before, strangers coming through the neighborhood that we never had before at night, traffic problems, and an extra burden on the Bexley Police Department,” are some of the prblems resident Larry Ferraris have with the lights, according to WOSU. People living in the surrounding area have started displaying signs that read “No Lights No Nights” and “Keep Our Neighborhood Safe.”

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