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Olympic Swim Club nears closing, vandalism increases

Olympic Swim Club nears closing, vandalism increases


The era of the Olympic Swim Club is swiftly closing after a 76-year run. Sept. 1 will be the pool’s last day, and as the clock ticks down, vandalism has been a problem for the first time in decades. The owners have had to hire security to patrol at night, something they haven’t had to do in decades. Some of the break-ins have involved community backlash about the pool closing with spray painted letters reading “Save OLY” and a stencil outline of the iconic platform diving board has been spray painted on the building and the slide. Other break-ins have stolen food from the concession stand. “The thing that kind of upset me was coming in and vandalizing,” co-owner and pool manager Newt Jones told ThisWeek Community News. “There was a lot of thought put into that and to me someone has a lot of anger toward us, and that makes me sad.”

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